Identify Risk, Save Lives

Our mission is to improve the quality of first responders’ lives through the early detection of cardiovascular disease.

Early detection of cardiovascular disease
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A cardiac and metabolic screening program designed specifically for first responders’ heart health!

“We have developed a cardiac and metabolic screening program that is designed to identify heart disease in first responders before heart disease results in heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular complication. It is so much easier to be proactive than reactive.


As a cardiologist and a police officer, I am in a unique position to make a difference in first responders’ morbidity and mortality. My skill set is keeping my fellow first responders alive and on the job, and making sure they have a long healthy retirement.”
Jon Sheinberg, MD, FACCChief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Sigma Tactical Wellness

“Sigma Tactical Wellness was conceived in 2017 by doctors and law enforcement professionals to identify heart risks and save the lives of first responders.


We are dedicated to our patients and strive to provide excellence in all aspects of our program.”

Benjamin Stone, PhD.CEO & Co-Founder, Sigma Tactical Wellness
Sigma Tactical Wellness Team

Identify risk, save lives. Provide first responders with cardiovascular screening allowing them to proactively manage their cardiac health.


To reduce cardiovascular disease and death among all first responders.

Core Values

Patient Centered Care

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We understand the complexity of cardiac risk analysis and are committed to reducing heart disease in those we serve.

Benjamin Stone, PhD
Jon Sheinberg, Co-Founder/ Chief Medical Officer
Craig Bettis, Co-Founder/ Chief Business Officer
Noel March, Chief Strategy Officer
Lisa Sheinberg, Chief Operating Officer
Vince Pallozzi, Director of Development
Cassie Witt, HeartStart Director

“For those of you who start your heart health journey, you will experience a collective of individuals, veterans, former members of public safety, clinicians, and caregivers that understand the challenges you face in your occupation.”

Benjamin Stone, PhD Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

“Cardiovascular disease is rampant among first responders. My passion, as both a cardiologist and as an executive of our Sheriff’s department, is not only to keep individuals alive and healthy while on the job but to make sure they live long enough to enjoy their retirement as well. I believe we have an ethical responsibility to do so.”

Jon Sheinberg, MD, FACC Co-Founder/ Chief Medical Officer

“Recognizing the tremendous effect the job of police officer has on an individual’s physiology, especially the heart, as a Commander in the Vail Police Department, I reached out to Dr. Ben Stone with Sigma Tactical Wellness to design a program for cardiac wellness for law enforcement. This has led to a cardiac screening program for first responders that will identify early cardiovascular risks and provide a plan to mitigate these risks.”

Craig Bettis Co-Founder/ Chief Business Officer

“With 40 years behind a badge, from police officer to police chief to U.S. Marshal, I have personally seen the evolution of programs to protect public safety professionals – from protective gear to mental health, to physical fitness. The critical piece that’s missing for all first responders is heart health, which can be easily delivered with cardio metabolic screenings. Cardiovascular disease is predictable and therefore preventable. Leadership has a duty to incorporate cardio metabolic screenings into their wellness programs, not only for their staff but also for the benefit of their retirees.”

Noel March Chief Strategy Officer

“With over 30 years of nursing and administrative healthcare experience, it is my passion to ensure we provide the most cutting-edge and compassionate care possible. In my role as Chief Operations Officer, I ensure the privacy and security of our data while overseeing our staff of clinical and administrative professionals.”

Lisa Sheinberg Chief Operating Officer

“As a former special agent and leader with ATF, I saw the toll that law enforcement jobs take on the health of these dedicated individuals, including my own. I joined Sigma Tactical Wellness to help educate the brave men and women serving in law enforcement and public safety about their greatest threat, heart disease, and what we are doing to identify and prevent it through advanced cardiac metabolic screening.”

Vince Pallozzi Director of Development

“I am excited to share our HeartStart program with fellow law enforcement officers and first responders. As a former officer, I had the opportunity to help initiate a wellness program for my former police department and saw first-hand, not only the importance of heart health, but how a simple cardiac and metabolic screening can identify potential cardiovascular disease and how easily it is to prevent.”

Cassie Witt HeartStart Director
SIGMA Protects Your Medical Data

SIGMA Protects Your Medical Data

We at Sigma take your privacy very seriously and protect all medical data. All of our practices and software comply with all requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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Strategic Alliances and Partners

Our alliances and partners are very important to us. By joining forces, we have the remarkable ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those individuals who dedicate themselves to serving others.

Together, we can provide access to state-of-the-art cardiac screening technology, broaden awareness and improve the quality of first responders’ lives in our communities. Let’s unite our efforts to empower first responders, enabling them to lead heart healthier lives and securing a future that is brighter and healthier for everyone.