Our Streamlined Process for Your Heart Wellness

Discover how we simplify cardiac and metabolic screening, empowering first responders to proactively assess their heart health and lead healthier lives.

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Pay and Register for Follow Up Tele-health Appointment
Schedule Blood Draw
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Pay and Register for Follow Up Tele-health Appointment
Consultation with Registered Dietician

Taking control of your heart health has never been easier

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Pay and Register for Medical Consultation

Done before blood draw.

Medical consultation scheduled at least 3 weeks after expected blood draw.

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Schedule Blood Draw

Conducted at your nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center.

Schedule at least 3 weeks prior to scheduled medical consultation.

Includes biometric screening (height, weight, blood pressure) and advanced lipid panel with cardiac inflammatory biomarker analysis. Blood testing also includes an analysis of hematology, liver and kidney function, thyroid function, and (pre)diabetic markers.

Attend Blood Draw Appointment

To be completed 3-4 weeks before medical consultation.

NOTE: We ask our patients to fast for at least 8 hours. However, medication should be taken as prescribed, and drinking water or black coffee is acceptable.

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Attend Medical Consultation

This 20-minute telehealth consultation with a SIGMA clinician will review laboratory data and provide comprehensive guidance on how to reduce identified risk.

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Consultation with Registered Dietician

In-depth nutrition evaluation, personalized action plan, and access to heart-healthy recipes and tools to track diet and exercise.

This 30-minute phone consultation is done on the patient’s own time after completing the medical consultation.