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On-demand webinar: Heart disease in police: 90% of the clues we miss

Heart disease in police: 90% of the clues we miss

Moderated by Gordon Graham, Co-founder of Lexipol

The focus of this groundbreaking webinar features the latest evidence-based data published by the medical experts at Sigma Tactical Wellness. Exciting new cardiac health findings for law enforcement are covered during this important webinar. The information features the most recent study of thousands of police officers across the United States who were evaluated through the Sigma Tactical Wellness cardio-metabolic screening program between 2019-2023.

The results prove the following:

  • Police officers are at greater risk of heart disease than civilians.
  • Early screenings detect and reduce the risk of heart attack in police officers.
  • Substantial cost savings for police agencies that provide Sigma Tactical Wellness screenings.
  • Retention, recruitment, morale and police performance are all enhanced in heart healthy agencies.

Learn how to change the health, and culture, of your agency through incorporating heart-health into your department’s wellness strategy.

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