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This health program can promote agency savings while boosting recruitment and retention

Preventing cardiac illness benefits both individual officers and departments

Here’s how preventing cardiac illness benefits both individual officers and departments

March 22, 2023 03:16 PM • Courtney Levin

Experiencing a heart attack is a frightening and life-changing event for anyone. For law enforcement officers, the risk of a cardiac event is significantly higher than for civilians, making the threat of a heart attack loom even greater.

Since police work often entails high levels of stress coupled with irregular work schedules, lack of consistent sleep and difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle, agencies are engaging in conversations around officer wellness with greater regularity.

Health initiatives are becoming increasingly common, with some departments zeroing in on everything they can do to specifically identify and reduce an officer’s risk of cardiac illness.

Many departments find the ideal solution is to engage in the flagship program offered by Sigma Tactical Wellness. By incorporating in-depth testing methods with personalized health plans, Sigma’s solution helps officers significantly reduce their risk of a cardiac event.

But what if, despite your best efforts, you do experience a heart attack? While you might be hospitalized and will need to take time off from work to recover, your agency as a whole will also be significantly impacted. Ultimately, the total cost of a heart attack is exponentially greater than many in law enforcement realize.

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